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FDA Warns Pet Owners About Internet Pharmacies

The FDA recently issued an advisory which warns consumers not to buy pet medications offered at discount prices online. The FDA found that many Internet pharmacies were distributing drugs without prescription from veterinarians (which is illegal) as well as marketing counterfeit and unapproved products. Too many consumers do not understand the dangers when ordering products from the Internet for their pets, and veterinarians continue to see problems that arise when pet owners, in an attempt to save money, order prescription drugs from the Internet.

Many times products are sent to the owners without a prescription, improperly labeled, or without any label at all which is illegal. There is really no way to know whether or not the products the owner receives an expired or are even the correct product the owner ordered.

Despite the attractiveness of saving money by buying prescription medications online, pet owners unknowingly put their pets’ lives at risk with each purchase. Because there is no quality control or oversight of these pharmacies, it is impossible to tell how many pets have been injured or killed with unapproved or adulterated medications. The best advice: work with your veterinarian to find the most cost-effective ways to provide your pet with the medication it needs.




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