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My Goals as a Holistic Veterinarian

Some of you may wonder why I promote natural pet care and integrative medicine. Why do I write so many books and articles on the topic, and why my on the radio each week encouraging pet owners to do a better job of taking care of their pets?

Is it for money? Well I certainly do make a nice living as a veterinarian, and my writing and radio show do add to my income.

Is it for fame? Well I am well-known in the field of natural pet care, and that fame does allow me to spread my message.

No, the main reason I'm so outspoken on the topic of natural pet care and integrative medicine is for one simple reason: I want to change the way veterinarians and pet owners care for pets. While this is a simple goal, it is certainly not an easy one to achieve.

When pets get cancer before the age of one, and will likely not survive until the age of two, there’s something wrong with that. When pets receive monthly applications of chemical flea products, even though they have minimal or no exposure to these parasites, there’s something wrong with that.

When pets receive vaccinations every six to 12 months, even though all of the current CONVENTIONAL research tells us that pets only need a few vaccinations their entire lives, there’s something wrong with that.

And when we can easily prevent cognitive disorder (doggie and kittie Alzheimer's disease) by giving our older pets a few nutritional supplements, and your veterinarian and the media fail to share this information with you, there’s something wrong with that. We veterinarians and pet owners can and must do a better job of caring for our pets.

We must do a better job of preventing diseases. I'm convinced, having used the natural integrative approach to health care for over 10 years and having seen the positive results from this approach, that this is the best way to keep ourselves and our pets healthy.

And so I will continue my mission to write about, speak about, and teach about this wonderful approach until everyone finally gets it.



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