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Herbal Pet Shampoos -
The Dr Shawn’s Organics™ Story

Certified Organic Pet ShampoosAbout 10 years ago, I started developing an interest in integrative medicine and natural pet care. I discovered that conventional medicine alone was not able to help all of my patients, and through my search for something else that could help my patients I discovered the wonderful world of natural therapies.

An important part in learning about natural therapies involves finding the best products to help my patients. Just as a conventional doctor is always looking for the best drug to help his patients, so too are integrated doctors looking for the best natural therapies that can improve the lives of their patients.

Because I treat a number of pets with skin diseases, and have written many articles and books (including The Allergy Solution for Dogs) on this topic, I have continually searched for the best, safest, most natural topical therapies I could find. While there are many good products on the market (and many more that are not so good,) I had never found one line of pet shampoos that were quite what I wanted to use in treating my patients.

My requirements were tough: the pet shampoo must be an organic pet shampoo, it must be free of chemicals and additives that can harm a pet’s skin and hair, it must be economical, it must smell and feel great, it must be gentle enough to nourish a normal pet’s skin and hair while at the same time be strong enough to treat pets with diseases of the skin and hair, and it must be formulated to be gentle enough for frequent, even daily bathing.

Since there were no shampoos on the market that met all of these requirements, I knew I would have to develop my own line of premium pet shampoos that will be beneficial to ALL of my patients, including those with various skin disorders.

And that's how I came to create Dr. Shawn's Organics™ Shampoos!

Dr. Shawn's Organics Shampoos are unique in many ways.

Icon They are a complete line of herbal pet shampoos, good for normal pets as well as pets with skin diseases.
Icon They contain no chemicals, artificial preservatives, artificial colors, or artificial fragrances.
Icon There are bottled in BPA-free plastic containers.
Icon They are formulated for frequent, even daily bathing.
Icon And because they are totally herbal, they are safe for the environment as well as for your pet.

There is one more thing that is unique about my herbal pet shampoos. I listened to YOU in formulating this great line of pet shampoos, which is why I like to say that these shampoos were "Formulated by YOU for YOUR pet!"

In addition to using my expertise in dermatology and herbal therapies in creating this special line of organic pet shampoos, I also consulted experts in the field of organic therapies and manufacturers of pet shampoos for their input on these formulas, making sure we had the right ingredients in the proper amounts.

Visiting with groomers, I relied upon their expertise to formulate a line of shampoos that will clean any pet and leave a great smelling fragrance.

Finally, I listened to YOU, the pet owner, and used your suggestions to make sure that Dr. Shawn's Organics™ Shampoos would be easy for you to use as often as needed to keep your pet's skin and coat healthy, smelling fresh, and looking great!

By listening to experts, talking with groomers, and getting input from pet owners just like you, Dr. Shawn's Organics™ Shampoos fills a void in the pet shampoo market. I'm pleased to offer this unique line of pet shampoos to you, and know that you and your pets will be pleased every time you use one of my special, herbal pet shampoos!

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