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Using Natural Medicine to Achieve Miracles!

I started using a natural approach (integrative medicine) approximately 15 years ago in an effort to help my patients who were suffering from allergies. As word traveled about the success of these therapies, I started seeing pets with a variety of problems: immune diseases, various cancers, arthritis, epilepsy, and many, many other strange and interesting disorders.

Along the way, I started noticing a trend. Many owners who brought their pets to me shared the same story: conventional doctors and specialists had done everything they could for their pets but were unable to offer any help. In many cases, the only recommendation that was given after conventional medications had failed was to seriously consider euthanasia to end the pets’ suffering. Because the owners of these special pets were not ready to give up, they sought my help in an attempt to find hope for what seemed like hopeless conditions. Knowing that an integrative and natural approach was the only hope left for their pets, they were willing to do anything possible to give their pets one more chance at life.

Zoe was one such special little dog. When I first saw Zoe, a six-year-old beautiful black miniature schnauzer, she was literally dying. Her owners told me she was actually 24 hours away from death, as they had reluctantly scheduled euthanasia for her the following day per their veterinarian’s recommendation.

Approximately 2 years before I saw Zoe, she had been correctly diagnosed and treated for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD.) She had done well with her medications but over the preceding few weeks had begun losing weight as her disease came out of remission and began to ravage her little body, prompting her current veterinarian and internal medicine specialist to recommend euthanasia. The owners were desperate for help and offered to do anything I suggested, as they were not ready to lose their beloved little Zoe at such a young age. They refused to accept their veterinarian’s recommendation that nothing could be done to help her.

I knew this would be a tough case, as I was being consulted very late in the course of her terrible disease. Her other veterinarian, an internal medicine specialist, while suspicious that her IBD was now killing her, also mentioned to Zoe's owners the possibility of gastrointestinal cancer as a cause of her now horrible condition.

I agreed that either IBD or cancer were likely possibilities, and told Zoe's owners we would treat her for both possible conditions. If we were not successful and Zoe continued to suffer, I agreed with them that euthanasia would be the most humane alternative. With this special canine companion counting on us to save her life, I prescribed the following therapies for Zoe.

I knew I would have to use conventional medicine to bring her quickly into remission, then rely on natural therapies to save her life. With that in mind, I prescribe a high dose of prednisone, an anti-inflammatory corticosteroid, to quickly settle down the inflammation in her intestines that was killing her.

Because she was very toxic, I also prescribed a homeopathic detoxification protocol using three supplements in the Detox Kit made by the Heel Corporation. To this, I added an herbal remedy called Hepatosupport by RX Vitamins to help her liver detoxify the toxins in her body and prevent toxicity from the prednisone therapy.

To support her weakened immune system, I used an herbal remedy called Immunosupport, also made by RX Vitamins, as well as two homeopathic remedies made by the Heel Corporation, Engystol and Echinacea compositum.

Finally, to provide ongoing gastrointestinal support, I prescribed three remedies made by RX Vitamins: Nutrigest, RX Zyme (an enzyme supplement to help her digest and absorb nutrients she was losing due to her gastrointestinal inflammation,) and RX Biotic, a potent probiotic that would provide her with the proper bacteria necessary to heal her damaged G.I. system. Finally, I added Total Leaky Gut by Nutriwest, a comprehensive herbal product that helps patients with severe damage to their gastrointestinal system.

While Zoe's prognosis did not look good, the owners agreed to give this approach a try. When I called to check on Zoe one week later, the owners were ecstatic to report that Zoe had turned the corner and was doing remarkably well. In time we were able to wean her down to a very low dose of prednisone and reduce her supplements to a maintenance level to keep her in remission.

Zoe lived another two years before succumbing to another disease which we were not able to successfully treat. However, the owners were very grateful for getting to share another two years with their precious little Zoe and were happy they did not give up on her when everyone else was unable to offer any hope for her. Through the miraculous healing power of natural medicine, she became one of my most memorable cases and convinced me to never give up even when everyone else deems a case as hopeless.



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