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Questions for Dr. Shawn - Vaginitis

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"Dear Dr. Shawn:
"I am desperately seeking advice! My 8 year old. German Shepherd has a horrible case of vaginitis. She has blisters and urinates all over the house. Her doctor prescribed antibiotics (the culture showed she has E. Coli) and put her on the C/D diet. I tried antbiiotics then tried olive leaf, colloidal silver, cranberry, probiotics and Apple Cider Vinegar. She is getting much worse. What do you suggest?"

”First, consider that vaginitis is very rare in any dog. When it does occur, it is most likely to occur in puppies (often as the result of a mild herpes virus infection.) Therefore, the first question I have is whether or not your dog really has vaginitis. You don’t say if your dog is spayed. If she is not, I’d worry about a uterine infection or uterine cancer (both occur in unspayed dogs as they age.) If she urinates around the house, this could also be a uterine or vaginal problem or a bladder or kidney problem (or even diabetes.) Please take her in for a check up. Also have blood and urine testing done. If she has uterine disease, spaying is probably necessary to cure the problem. Bladder disease can be treated medically (for infections and bladder cancer) or surgically (bladder stones; medical or herbal therapy can also help here.)

Regardless of the cause, once the diagnosis is made a variety of holistic approaches can be used. For example, if she really has vaginitis various herbs (I use products such as Herbal ABX, UroBac, and Total VirX) can help. The probiotics, olive leaf, and colloidal silver also work on mild infections. The fact that you’ve used these without success cause me concern, and her condition (and diagnosis) should be reassessed. While holistic therapies are very successful in helping pets with a variety of disorders, whenever a pet does not improve she should be reevaluated.



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