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You Could Earn Extra Money By Recommending My Natural Pet Care eBooks!

Earn up to 50% on each sale of my ebooks and courses! Simply direct your website visitors, customers, friends, etc... to my ebook page and for each order you'll receive up to 50% of each book's price. It's that easy!

    • Integrative Pet Care Course eBook (50% Commission)
    • The Arthritis Solution for Dogs & Cats eBook (50% Commission)
    • 8 Weeks to a Healthy Pet eBook (50% Commission)

The program works best if you have an existing website or email newsletter, but it can also be promoted without a website or newsletter. All you need to do is register, give people your individual web address that we send you and collect commissions on all ebook sales!

We provide all the text and banner graphics you can use on your website. You'll also have access to your own back office where you can log in, get graphics and text links and even check on the progress of your sales.

PLUS, as an added bonus, if you refer someone to our affiliate program and they are approved, you'll receive 5% "second-tier" commission on their sales!

    • You don't have to handle customer emails
    • You don't have to ship products (ebooks delivered electronically to customers)
    • We handle all the customer service "stuff"!
    • Commission checks are sent directly to you
    • We have over 40 banners/ads for you to use for online promotion!

    Sample #1 | Sample #2 | Sample #3 | Sample #4 | Sample #5

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Questions and Answers

What does it cost to become an affiliate?
My program is FREE! There is no cost to join the program.

What does a "second-tier" affiliate mean and do I get commissions for their sales?
Our program is a second-tier affiliate program. What that means is that for each new affiliate you (first-tier) refer to our program you'll receive a 5% commission on their (second-tier) sales as well. If one of your affiliates signs up another affiliate, then they get 5% of their affiliates sales. You do not get commissions on any of your affiliate's affiliates (third-tier) sales.

Affiliate Second-Tier Structure

Can I collect customer order information myself then send you the details?
No. Customers need to order from my website based upon the unique web address you're assigned and promote to customers.

How and when do I get paid?
Checks are sent directly to affiliates when they meet the sales criteria:

Payout Type Commission.
Payout Amount Up to 50% commission on each ebook price. Commission is not based upon total sales (i.e., price plus S&H, tax, etc...).
Second-Tier Commission You will be paid an additional 5% commission on the direct sales of affiliates you sign up under your account ("second-level"). The 5% commission is for their direct sales and NOT their entire sales volume or sales their affiliates (if any) make. Commissions stop at the second level.
Payout Threshold $25.00 USD - Minimum commission required for monthly payout.
Payout Time Monthly, near the beginning of each month for the previous month's commissions.
Website Required No, but does make it easier to participate.
Technical skills needed None, but if you have a website you will need to be able to update your site's pages with your unique link information.
Cost to Join FREE

Can I use mass emails (spam) to promote the program and get customers?
Absolutely not! Plus, this type of promotion may be a severe violation of spam laws. If you are found using mass, unsolicited emails you will immediately be terminated from the program. Do NOT send emails to people you do not personally know or have specifically opted in to your email messages/newsletters.

I have another question that's not listed here, can you answer it?
Of course. Just email us your question and we will reply as soon as possible.




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